Sometimes, we do not see sunlight because of the thick clouds in the sky however on other winter days sky looks very clear and blue. There are many types of vegetables at cheap rates available during winter. It is a part of the four seasons that occur in India. Winter is the sowing season for wheat, barley and a few other crops. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. The peak time when winter is experienced the most in December and January. We feels huge level of changes in the atmosphere in the winter season in comparison to the other seasons of the year. mom prepares various types of pethas and … Winter has shortest days, longest nights and lowest temperatures than all other seasons. Dates are small fruits that pack large quantities of essential minerals, particularly potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium. Winter season is the coldest season of year, starts from the month of December and ends in the month of March. Frost makes very difficult to go outside home at night in winter. Seasonal fruits help us not just survive but thrive in any given season. Some fruits are also commonly grown as winter crops in warm climates. Banana. It is also a fruit that goes great with salads, because of its characteristic sweet-and-sour taste. In winter season we get varieties of fruits and vegetables. Related posts: 134 Words Short Essay on Spring season for kids 138 Words Essay on the Coldest Day in winter […] It is best to eat the above fruits raw and whole. An American poet Robert frost had written a very beautiful poem about the natural beauty of the winter, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”. It starts after the autumn season and finishes on the arrival of spring season. It falls in the month of December and ends in march during Holi festival. Two of the biggest reasons to eat oranges include their high vitamin C and high fibre content. However, did you know mosambi also has anti-congestive properties? Argumentative essay topics to kill a mockingbird to kill a mockingbird explores the questions of innocence and harsh experience, good and evil, from several. It creates much problem in drying the wet clothes all through the winter. It also is great to restore a glow to the skin. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; Seasonal fruits are mostly depending on your region, growing seasons and crop availability. During this season wheat, barley, gram, mustard etc. We have provided variety of essay on winter season in order to help students. Apples grow on small, deciduous trees. 1. It is also the season to enjoy dates, oranges, apples, hot coffee and tea. We have four major seasons in the year like summer, rainy, autumn and winter. All rights reserved. December and January are considered as the peak cold months of the winter season. Winter’s cold rain destroys crops, vegetables and fruits. Many winter flower like marigold, petunia are found at this time. However, global exposure has lead to human beings trying things that come from halfway across the globe! December and January are the peak winter months during which we feel lots of problem because of much cold weather. An Entrepreneur (Director, White Planet Technologies Pvt. Winter season is quite difficult season for everyone especially poor people because of lack of woolen clothes and proper home. We are also blessed with many fruits in the winter season. 9. A lot of people don’t like custard apples because they have too many seeds. Dry fruits are the specialty of winter. That’s right – apples provide close to 14% of our body’s daily Vitamin C requirement. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Winter season is a very cold season of the year in India. The start of winter season slightly varies all over India according to the regions and rotation of earth on its tilted axis all around the sun. Ltd.). One of the best sources of this nutrient is chikoo. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; We can enjoy many winter activities according to the interest and condition of weather such as ice skating, ice biking, ice hockey, skiing, snowball fighting, building snowman, snow castles, sledging and many more activities. A larger variety of vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, potato, brinjal, tomato, etc. Essay on fruits fruits and vegetables in points 100 words 2 ... pomegranate and cauliflower, peas in the winter season. Seasonal fruits each have their own set of properties that keep your body healthy during the season in which they grow. Winter is also a time of fruits, many fruits such as guava and oranges as well as many vegetables become available during winter. Winter season is very cold and one of the four seasons of India. Things To Keep Handy to Fight Common Winter Ailments, List of 9 Winter Fruits that SHOULD Be a Part of Your Winter Diet. According to the recent meteorology, winter season falls in December and ends in February (or start of March) for the Northern Hemisphere. Winteris the sowing season for wheat, barley and a few other crops. Dear students you can select any winter season essay given below according to your need and requirement. Long Essay on Winter Season of 150 Words. We generally feel slight decrease in the atmospheric temperature from Diwali festival (start of winter) till Holi festival (end of winter). We have provided best essay on winter season in simple and easy words about winter season so that you can write an essay on winter season while giving a speech on winter season in English or a few lines on winter season for UKG 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade student can read it. Atmospheric temperature becomes very low, cold winds blow in high speed, day becomes short and night becomes long, etc. Engage your kid into diverse thoughts and motivate them to improve their English with our Essay for Class 3 and avail the Simple Essays suitable for them. Winter is one of the most important seasons in India. Use powder of dried dates in milk, tea or even desserts as a natural sweetener (instead of sugar). As they’re one of the best Winter berries, eat strawberries for younger-looking skin (thanks to antioxidants) and to give your immunity a boost. Essay on Autumn Season in 100 Words: 2. The peak time of winter season is mostly experienced in December and January. 7. Something about this sweet and soft fruit feels just right in your tummy! In this season, hilly regions looks like an awesome scenery. Orange is the specific fruit of winter season. Winter season creates some problems too for the poor people as they have no or less warm clothes and proper home. However, it is important to pick seasonal fruits that are available locally – not exotic season fruits. We feel a huge level changes in the atmospheric temperature and day and night routine. December and January are the peak winter months and counted as the coldest months when temperatures falls around 10 to 15°C (means 50 to 59°F) in the northwest regions of country however, in the southeast regions (mainland of country) it remains around 20 to 25°C (means 68 to 77°F). Bananas are a comfort food for a lot of people. People prefer hot tea and coffee. As we all know that earth revolves around other planets on its tilted axis. Here’s a list of 9 Winter seasonal fruits that should be a part of every Indian’s winter diet. Essay About Winter Holiday 1232 Words | 5 Pages. Mostly seasons will produce the fruits. Apart from the fruits I also love the mist and fog that continuously hangs in the atmosphere, giving the atmosphere a cool and mystic appearance. It is a season of healthy and favorite fruits orange, guava, chickoo, papaya, amla, carrot, beetroot, grapes, etc. At some places of the country, climate remains moderate with normal temperature (not too cold and not too hot) and gives very pleasant feeling. ... We get lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in the winter. The fruit is delicious and nutritious. Hilly regions (including houses, trees and grasses) gets covered by the thick layer of white snow and looks very beautiful. We go into the bed early in the night to get heat and be safe from the winter. Read More. Winters are the coolest season that starts from December and last till March. No wonder an apple a day keep the doctor away! However, of all the fruits mentioned in this list, bananas supply the body with the highest amount of vitamin B6 in a single serving – more than 30%! What’s more, its interesting shape makes it an instant hit with children! There are different types of fruits are available. Thick fog often hides the sun, and cold becomes severe. The nature looks so clean and beautiful in this season. It feels very cold everywhere all through the winter season. They help deal with winter-related problems such as cold and flu. We have to face a thick fog which often hides the sun light causing cold becomes severe all through the winter season. But what you may not know about this fruit is that it not only rich in Vitamin C but vitamin B as well. The sun comes late and sometimes it doesn’t even appear. Virushka’s Special 2021 Blessing Is Here: The Couple Welcomes a Baby... 8 Best Breast Nipple Shields for New Moms, 4 Best Nursing Pillows for Breastfeeding Moms, 7 Best Baby Feeding Spoons and Cutlery Sets, Brain Breaks for Kids – Quick and Interesting Ideas. However, a fact about apples that often gets overlooked is their high Vitamin C content! Identify meaning in essay writing. … These winter crops include root vegetables, chicories, and cruciferous vegetables, which are members of the cabbage family. grows up abundantly in this season. Strawberry harvesting is a popular winter activity that people love to indulge in – and for good reason! Fruits and vegetables produced during winter are healthy and a delicacy to eat. This humble-looking fruit also makes a great snack for untimely hunger – giving you a great energy boost. Winteris a pleasant season for those who can afford warm clothes. Vitamin A is a key ingredient in our diet that helps maintain the health of our eyes. Hilly regions become very beautiful during winter season as everything gets covered by the ice and give awesome look like scenery. In India, winter hold great importance. 250 words Essay On My Favorite Season And Why. With immense nutrients, fruits help to build up a strong muscle base as well as keeping the body fit and healthy. One of the easiest ways to safeguard yourself from such problems is to eat local and seasonal fruits! 2. January and February are the two coldest months of this season. In colder areas harvest times start later and end sooner. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});