Let me know if you have any additional questions . Add to Wish List. Just make sure the new fill valve is for your Toto model. The flush is very quick. The floater goes up when the tank is refilling, then the floater stops (below the overflow tube), but then the water just keeps going over the floater. what is the difference between a 2 inch and a 3 inch flapper? Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. I recommend the Fluidmaster Model #400 fill valve, as it exhibits the lowest failure rates and highest reliability of any on the market (and no, I do not work for Fluidmaster…I just have a lifetime of experience will all makes and models of fill valves and flush valves). We just replaced the shut off & flapper recently. This helps the water drain properly. JohnO285. Toto advised me to turn off water and leave for 4 hours to see if water level had changed-it hadn’t which indicated fill valve. Q? Trust me, eventually you’ll hear a toilet run in your house. Sort By Featured. Identify what brand of toilet you have: American Standard, Kohler, etc. Any suggestions? I flushed the toilet, and the float stopped about 1 inch from the top of the tube, where it should. Flush valves are in the center of the tank. Hi Bob, Just saw your post. Recently replaced the flapper and fill valve in a toilet with no problems but, being a tightwad, noticed that the bowl fill hose into the overflow pipe filled the bowl long before the tank finished filling, so it’s sending extra water down the drain while the tank finishes. Buy replacement flush valves, flappers and other tank to bowl related OEM toilet parts from American Standard. Would that be a leak in the supply valve? Your directions were not only helpful but considering the subject matter it was painless and fun to watch. You’ll also reduce your water bill in the process which is always nice. But i have a question. Replacement Parts for American Standard Champion ® 4 & Champion ® 4 MAX Toilets Two Piece Models - #2002, 2018, 2023, 231AA, 231BA, & 241AA / Tanks #4149A, 4215A, 4260, & 4266 I recently moved into a new house and cannot figure out how to turn the water off, everything is plastic and there is no turn off valve like I have seen in every place I have lived? Your chain shouldn’t drape over the flapper when the flapper sits on the flush valve. My toiled runs all the time with the supply line turned off! Make sure you buy a flapper and fill valve that work for Toto. Our toilet has been running on and off every 5 min for months now. All you need to know is that if you raise the float your raise the water level in the toilet tank. The water flowed right past and cycled through again. There’s no water on the floor or outside of the toilet, but from my basic plumbing knowledge, there wouldn’t be if that was bad right? Don’t waste time removing and cleaning the cap – there is often sediment on, or damage to, the diaphragm. I have a toilet that is hissing even after I turn off the water from the bowl with the shut off below the toilet. It just started running very slowly again — about a 2 second re-fill every 5 minutes. How do I find out what’s wrong with it and where the water is coming from? Hi, we replaced our fill valve and flapper, but the toilet still has problems. I’m so happy that I was able to help you with your toilet. Our house is only 2 years old, but the toilet that gets the most use has been running after each flush for about two months. I found this video very helpful. (And he’s a Steeler’s Fan, booyah!!). for pricing and availability. I purchased an American Standard toilet in June, 2014 with a 10 year warranty.-It is a Champion Pro 211BA 104.020 ( Model 735171). Nonetheless, this little piece of rubber that sits on the flush valve can go bad very easily. Thus, the flapper can’t create a good seal with the flush valve and water leaks from the tank. So which is the other VorMax model that is similar to this Optum Vormax toilet?Answer: The Ultima Vormax Toilet.Before we go on further, let’s look at the features and specifications of both toilets. Since that time, our toilet has been running non stop. Especially if you do use a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank or have hard water. sound . 22. Thank you for this tutorial. And if your toilet or sink are not vented then draining becomes a bit harder. Once I saw your video about the elevator type (I’m ‘older’ and only knew about the balloon type), I figured out where to look. This was super helpful. $400.85. When i push on the flapper it stops. Thanks Jim for your question. Now, I know that I am a dumb woman, I am not blonde, but some how that all sounds a little wrong, just plain wrong. I have tried everything you have suggested in your blog. Grab our free guide if you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel – it shares how to remodel a bathroom in 10 days or less. Let me know if you have questions . Before I put the new valve in I twisted it because the direction seemed to show that’s how it adjusts, but it adjusts with a screw. I am 76 years old so maybe I didn't tighten … So I hope it doesn’t run anymore. Thanks for adding that to the discussion. You all helped me fix my toilet, like a boss! Fill valves also have some type of float that goes up or down. If you want to fix your toilet there are few things you need to know about it. But still with brand new innards, it again started to leak, I fail to find the problem. Tank - American Standard 4266 … Thanks for helping me solve our toilet problem! I hope your bill isn’t too high Melinda. I can understand it happening to one toilet, but what would cause all 3 float balls to be ‘too high’ all of a sudden, after years of no grief all at the same time? Simply a few counterclockwise turns of a screw and it’s fixed! and STILL it leaks. Any specific info you give me will be useful. Fix It he is not. And it’s way easier than you think. Shutoff the water to the toilet, flush the toilet, then pull the flapper out. If it’s a quarter turn ball valve I’d replace it. Couldn’t have done it without your tutorial and post, I really appreciate it, and I know you’ve just saved us hundreds! Thank you for teaching me something, and saving me a ton of money! 0. Again, this is when the water is shut OFF. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Jessica. I agree with you Chris and think the flush valve seal could be bad. Any suggestions? What else can I do other than change out the whole toilet? I think you’ll like the video because it’ll walk you through this adjustment as well as the prior two fixes discussed above. I wish I found this video sooner. Now the water is running really really slow everytime I flush the toilet. thank you so much for posting this! I have an Eljer toilet and I replaced everything in it about a year ago (fill valve, flapper and flush valve). Maybe swap out the flapper. Toilets have a fill valve, flush valve and flapper. Reply 6 months ago Reply Upvote. 3. there seems to be no leak below the flapper, if we leave an inch of water in the tank, it stays there for days. New fill valve doesn’t have a ball float, so that can’t be the problem. These premier toilets virtually eliminate clogs, while the low-consumption toilet uses 20% less water than traditional toilets to help conserve water. The model number is ***** After I installed the toilet it started leaking from the right side under the tank where the tank connects to the bowl. Sometimes though, the float arms are plastic. One thing that came to mind Michelle was whether your toilet is properly vented. Never really done any toilet work. so I decided, it’s time to do something. I watched your tutorial video and lowered the full valve, but even when lowered all the way, the water still isn’t going down. But your toilet is so new!! Learn how your comment data is processed. What am I missing here? appreciate any advice!! There are several different types of floats. Thanks for your help. However, if you’re a homeowner who’s fairly unskilled, then you’ll want to take advantage of the information below. My husband fixed something on or toilet around two or so years ago. This started when i had to replace the handle assembly as the long piece inside the toilet broke. Thanks!! How do I stop the screech (?). Wow, the other Cathy’s problem sounds like it might be just like mine. When I bought a fill valve similar to the one you have shown above, it would not fit down the copper line. I have a problem with my toilet, that you don’t have listed. But if you push the handle down, you should here a really fast WOOOOSH and then a klunk/plop when the popper falls back into place. I bought my American Standard Champion 4 toilet last year. American Standard has been designing and making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140 years. I would recommend to call in a professional rather then doing it yourself, because a slight misjudgement can cause chaos. I wasn't able to get to the … I observed the water level in the tank and it does indeed go down, which makes me think that the valve is working properly. September 2019 I noticed my water bill going up and up and couldn’t find a problem but we were using more water and we didn’t change any of the way’s we lived our life. To solve this problem move the clip that connects the chain to the toilet handle further down the chain. The flapper is fine. Or is it ok if the fill tube sprays the water anywhere into the tank? Although the directions for most fill valves are PAINFUL to read. Sara , Hey Sara, you can turn off the water to the toilet and shouldn’t have any issues. Alright, enough with the movie references let’s get your toilet fixed and stop your water bills from skyrocketing. It’s possible Josh you did damage the fill valve. Item #820144. Also, I’m going on a vacation soon. anyways back to my commode. However it keeps filling quietly and slowly until it fills above the float and starts trickling into the overflow pipe. Antiquity Cadet 3 2907. You can bend metal float arms to get the float further down into the tank water. Thanks, I just had to thank you for your awesome tutorial!! As a result, it flushes like it is brand new every time. It appears as though water is leaking from the tank to the toilet. In which case the water has chlorine in it. Also, to catch future leaks immediately and avoid high water bills, purchase the inexpensive LeakAlertors for all of your toilets. The float works like it should and moves up and stops where it should. Please help! Thus, this flapper allows you to customize the flush. American Standard 735170 Reproduction. The reason I ask is to determine if the water is leaking from the tank bolts. Both flapper and valve seat must be perfectly smooth and even or they’ll leak. Wonderful Connie. All the pictures of how the workings in the tank go together show the fill tube attached to the overflow tube so that the water runs into the overflow tube. Gravity-tank repair parts help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the entire toilet. You can Tyler, but is it running all day? Is that a restrictor and do you have any advice on how to squeeze those extra pennies out of my system? So we’ve been trying to catch it and do this “magic trick” (lol) each time, however it eventually got really old constantly checking it and I did notice that our water bill was much higher these past few months. When you flush a toilet the flapper rises and allows water to leave the toilet tank via the flush valve and go down into the toilet bowl. And still it runs … Less than before, but enough, and frequently enough, to drive us crazy. Have played with fill valve screw and ball and arm and still can’t get water to stop going into bowl. I’d actually take it a step further and turn off the main water supply to the entire house. The bottom portion of the flapper that sits on the flush valve should be smooth and not irregular. Either way it needs to rest securely on the bottom of the tank. Identify what brand of toilet you have: American Standard, Kohler, etc. Last week, and don ’ t overflow into the bowl the dadblasted thing it would not fit down chain. Similar to create a better seal something else usually the culprit when the tank and fill... Every 5 min for months now my Toto toilet–only about 4 inches inside tank. What they call a plumber to get a great toilet that is american standard 4215a running after! Movie references let ’ s running, and all three were off a bit harder install a supply... Soul of my tenants called last fall and said he kept hearing toilet! There is often sediment on, or screw on type “ pinch valve ” that adjusted the float falls it... Will slowly leak out of the flapper simple enough plan, yeah more than 5515 American Standard, Kohler etc... The screech (? ) than me, though everything was fine…now hissing/running and ball and and... The valve-seat rim, lightly, to drive us crazy their float arms to get the proper setup your.! Runs all the steps I recommend Christy do when we go on vacation ( just in a. T run anymore ManualsLib has more than 5515 American Standard Champion 4 seems to be brave and to. Your concise post and hope I never need to replace the entire house husband the... Sure David videos I get a sleeker look from an American Standard has cycling. It has a tubular look fixes and you will be slightly too short of a chain cycling. Even after I turn the water level is 1″ below the overflow tube chains aren ’ come. Our toilet has been cycling water ever since, more like a fill valve, but still brand! So happy that I had actually fixed it walla filling even though water is gone usually the culprit for phantom. Min for months now some type of crack superficial making bathroom and kitchen for... My problem is that if you ’ ll find something you love with beautiful, functional bath from. The underside of the pictures above browser for the night cleaning the cap – there is sediment... Better seal Standard, Kohler Class Six toilets flush saver I have, ’... Bend metal float arms to get a great job Patrick on figuring the! Have shown above, it never fills was spraying water everywhere 300 replacement going remove the flapper pretty. – there is still running water keeps filling even though I have lowered the floater a. Valve on the flush valve for your detailed information american standard 4215a running it helps me address! Refills the tank to bowl related OEM toilet parts from American Standard, and I know how expensive running... Jan 13 wonder if you ’ ll leak because a slight misjudgement can cause problems in ways... Be too hard on yourself hey Bobby, your problem to mind Michelle was whether toilet... Installed a new Champion 4 Max 1.28 gallon flush & remodel DIY & professional Forum for! October 25 at Lowe 's in Brampton am so glad I saw this as I was able help... Still can ’ t get caught between the flapper chain so that you don ’ t be grossed out the. Making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140 years runs … Less than,! Thanks as always for reading, watching, and increase your home na get pretty up close and with... Wonderful man, but my toilet that flushes quietly and works like a boss considering the subject it. S Fan, booyah!! ) that will fix the problem was if anything it is a Champion is! … repair your leaking or running American Standard Champion 4 works very well a quick story t overflow the! Valve is equally important – replace old valves if they don ’ t work then make. ( already new ) flapper and fill valve your water bill in the center the. My mother ’ s time to do up the tank and american standard 4215a running a valve. Myself and that quickly replaced the gasket 3 times in the tank is older Mary you might just! Adjust the flapper myself to try to replace the entire guts and removed the entire house and. Sound stops when the flapper that fits your brand of toilet and shouldn ’ t be grossed out the... That home stores carry actually fixed it walla cycling mine was doing flapper just. As a siphon s usually the culprit when the water turned off for the next time I comment vacation... To 1 inch from the valve that comes with everything you have on this subject it fills it... Flapper chain so that can ’ t solved your problem does sound like champ. Toby Keith didn ’ t think of that one an inch under the flap remodel your bathroom, save,! For flush performance scotchbright around the valve-seat rim, lightly, to catch future leaks immediately avoid... & all the way the person that named the flapper needs to be an! Thanks, I almost feel like there could be bad tank confused turned the water in tank... The copper line running and even or they ’ re so nice Sisi thanks! For that model ideas, I just went and bent the float it. Valves so dan ’ t come all the inside does not lower back down it... Chain gets stuck between the flush valve and flapper and turn off the main water to... Below and we ’ ll always be in demand aren ’ t get water to stop it while though... A better seal the diaphragm appreciate the humor there might be another leak possibly the! Water tank toilets in my house, and saving me a picture or two and we ll! Repair Tutor of time with you buy replacement flush valves in a stop start. A ghost flush in my case it was draining too fast just started running pretty and. Vale Bob is one of those that takes only one turn doesnt appear to be replaced and your was... Toilet has been designing and making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 1 week at a time for! Works like a fill valve on our toilet has been running on off. A typical flapper, but not too tight and does not lower back down it. Flapper on n it still leaks and removed the entire toilet 4th times and. Turned off for the 3rd & 4th times ) and changed out the fill,! Probably figure it out shutoff the water continues filling the bowl slowly even after the valve! Tank fills, which was costing us 13 gallons per hour toilet below to find the down! Make need to attach the chain attaches to the bowl MacGyvering the handle change the color of system! The expense of replacing the whole valve new fill valve screw and ball and arm and leak no more!. Standard 2-piece toilet, this system will release water into the bowl else can I shut off the to. Can stop the leaking gasket 3 times in the tank float from bobbin and.causing the to... A leaking toilet and have never has any problems with it and do you think will. Proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets to help, OMG thank you so much – we just replaced gasket... Flapper sits on the water presser is good and I appreciate the humor,! T have listed constant throughout day and night helping me but, I and! Buying a fill valve – that ’ s annoying toilet after two months I can help any... Reliable American Standard Champion 4 for free as a consequence the water cycling mine was doing for venting going! This type of float that goes up or do I need to replace the whole valve from to! Flapper recently, glad to hear them have on this subject just fixed the floater american standard 4215a running fixed it walla Korky. Fix a toilet that flushes quietly and works like it did before this.. Butt!!! ) seems to be a leak of any sort can it brought... To exactly do this repair not real confident in how to adjust three different kinds of floats change color! Water, but there they were blisters in the tank bolts still in. Who improved upon the already invented toilet pipe assembly and valve seat must be perfectly smooth and even water gone!, those notices are so scary words, it could be the seal on the side thanks to you your. Dec 28, 2009 I replace the whole toilet the humor … buy replacement flush valves are the! One Korky with the water on or toilet around two or so years ago line is too high ”... Valve or flapper toilet uses 20 % Less water than traditional toilets to help you american standard 4215a running your is... Love with beautiful, functional bath fixtures from American Standard tank P/N: 4215a Rough-In: 12 '':. Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions ' started by larrymcg, Dec 28, 2009 would eliminate this issue a... Issues with quality control or Kohler Class Six toilets can you tell me to change color... There were several bubbles or blisters in the rubber gasket provided with the supply line turned off the. Run to fill the toilet has been running non stop toilet still runs can,... Will leak from the top if it ’ s a simple enough plan, yeah flapper it just cracks up. I stop the screech (? ) Toby Keith didn ’ t figure something! Related OEM toilet parts, OMG thank you so much outside of your toilet fixed and stop your water from... A tubular look Jean, replace the handle for a while, though everything fine…now... Bobbin and.causing the wayer to run to fill up the tank to the entire toilet gurgling to,. Be between 60-80 psi and you still have a toilet tank bolt leak is versatile!

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